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Prime Delivery

Deliver Prescriptions and save the Respective Signatures at the same time, Digitally

How can PrimeDELIVERY improve its delivery services?

In-house mode: Allows you to save prescription signatures when the patient is at the Pharmacy. The prescription is marked as picked up, not delivered. 

Delivery mode: The signature is saved when the delivery is made. The prescription is marked as delivered.

☑️ Works on the latest portable devices like iPad, iPad Mini, iPhones and Android

☑️ Work with 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connections

☑️ Receive delivery signatures in real time sent to the pharmacy remotely (via data plan or Wi-Fi).

☑️ The patient has to sign once for the delivery of multiple prescriptions. You also have the option to turn off specific recipes if you don't want to accept them for delivery.

☑️ Delivery staff have the option to save notes, such as: “Client refused medication”. These notes can be transferred to the PrimeRx ™ program as part of the delivery notes.

☑️ Data is encrypted and kept safe during transit.


☑️ Dynamic updates made to PrimeRx™ to patient history, prescription delivery BIN, Prescription in transit, and medication delivered.

☑️ Delivery staff have all the information necessary to make the delivery and collect the copay.

☑️ Follow HIPAA rules: There is no information linking the name of the drug to the patient or vice versa.

☑️ Any recipe that was not delivered is accounted for

☑️ All signatures are stored electronically in patient records, which saves a lot of time during audits and delivery checks

☑️ All prescriptions are confirmed, preventing the loss of copays and prescriptions during delivery

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