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Secure and Reliable Information Exchange

What is PrimeWEB?

PrimeWebTM unites patients, physicians, households, ALFs and pharmacies more than ever. Plus, it allows you to log in from any Internet-connected computer, tablet, smartphone, or device.

☑️ Access login and credentials are controlled and provided by the Pharmacy - thereby ensuring that access is provided to validated entities

☑️ Access to data is only limited to the rights granted to the user. For example: patients can only see their own information. Similarly, households can only see patients and prescriptions that are associated by the pharmacy to that particular household. The same goes for doctors and other prescribers.

☑️ Patient adherence is facilitated by letting the patient access the complete profile of their prescriptions on a single screen and thus be able to request their repetitions

☑️ Refill orders made by patients, doctors and households are instantly populated in the PrimeRxTM Refill Queue. There is no need for emails or faxes. Facilitates enhanced workflow experience and control through PrimeRxTM.

☑️ Ability to view scanned prescriptions, delivery signatures, and the Web Portal.

☑️ Ability to print medication administrative records (MAR) and medical order sheets (POS) directly from the Web Portal on plain paper.

☑️ Ability for nurses to record and maintain administration time, to ensure they can generate reports to monitor quality control processes in homes.

☑️ Saves households and pharmacy time by not being on the phone constantly checking the workflow progress of different related items.

☑️ The pharmacy can control the content of the web pages and provide images and specials that they want to promote.

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