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PrimeDMS supports 3 scanning modes in the workflow and scans everything and fixes it with different data elements.

Three scanning modes in the workflow:

☑️ Before filling the prescription (during the process of receiving the prescription)

☑️ During the filling of the prescription

☑️ After filling prescription

Prime DMS Screen

It scans everything and fixes it with different data elements:

☑️ Printed copy with prescription records

☑️ Delivery receipts with prescription records

☑️ Documents related to prescribers in their respective records

☑️ Automatically scan barcode delivery receipts and manually save signature records with their respective prescription numbers. Also marks prescription records as "delivered" simultaneously

☑️ Eliminate the need to search for hard copies of client documents for verification

☑️ Easy and intuitive method of scanning recipes, saving time and effort

☑️ The prescription image appears while a prescription is being filled, ensuring the pharmacist can get a second look at the prescription and prevent potential errors when dispensing

☑️ A very big help during audits as retrieving images of a recipe is much easier for verification purposes

☑️ Save physical space in the pharmacy

☑️ Images are backed up daily so all your important documents are always available

☑️ Store patient information, such as ID cards or medical plan

☑️ It has the ability to scan in batches, thus saving time and effort.

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