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Why is PrimeRx so advanced?

Keep your pharmacy open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by automating tasks such as refills, data backups, email reports and much more.

☑️ Billing to Medical Plans

☑️ Nursing Home Care Facility

☑️ Bag Management System (BIN Management)

☑️ Patient Adherence (PAM)

☑️ Workflow

☑️ Auto Repeats

☑️ Inventory Control – Electronic Orders 

☑️ Graphs and Reports designed to suit you 

☑️ Reconciliation of Medical Plans 835 

☑️ Delivery of medicines to the Home (PrimeDelivery)

☑️ Scan Documents in various ways (PrimeDMS)

☑️ Ability to link multiple pharmacies (PrimeCentral) 

☑️ Messages to the patient via: text, call or email (PrimeComm)

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More details about PrimeRx

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☑️ RxSync facilitates ABM (Appointment Based Mode)

☑️ Interface with Mirixa and outcomes: receive MTM opportunities directly in the PrimeRx System

☑️ Business intelligence reports integrated into the system

☑️ Intelligent system to process electronic prescriptions effectively with the least effort at the pharmacy

☑️ Refill Compliance Dashboard; prepare replays, send replay requests, monitor expired replays and timed replays

☑️ Stay in touch with your patients: outgoing calls, texts and emails to alert them about their refills, when their prescriptions are ready to be picked up, congratulations messages and much more

☑️ Patient medication adherence reports, which contribute to the pharmacy's adherence score

☑️ Calculate PDC/MPR values ​​for your patients, individually or by groups

☑️ A true Windows based System using intuitive keyboard shortcuts (Hot Key) for efficient workflow.

Services that complement our PrimeRx System:

☑️ FillMyRefills recipe refills online app

☑️ Remote Backup Service Safe and reliable data backup on our cloud-based server

☑️ Patient education in 16 different languages

☑️ Pre-post editing e-voucher services (patient assistance program)

And much more

Fill My Refills
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Other Services

☑️ Third Party Integration

☑️ Submission of Controlled Medication Files

☑️ Two-way SMS/TXT message service and automated calls

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Increase Income

soporte tecnico

Technical Support 24/7

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Optimize your operations

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