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Star-Plus is a Point of Sale system that provides you with the necessary tools to manage your business efficiently, simplifying tasks and guaranteeing total control. Our system has the ability to adapt to your type of business, from grocery stores, pharmacies to supermarkets or health food stores. Choose from a variety of modules to maximize your business.

Star-Plus is the most accepted and trusted system in the pharmacy industry, with more than 150 installations throughout the island. Our solutions are very easy to use and learn.

☑️ Smart System

☑️ Debit and Credit Integration - Processed by Evertec

☑️ Inventory Control

☑️ Rewards Program

☑️ Electronic Signature Capture

☑️ Management of stables by employee

☑️ Integration with accounting programs (Quickbooks)

☑️ Deliveries to Home or Offices

☑️ Daily Sales Reports to your email

☑️ Biometric Security

Star Plus Auto Star

More details about StarPlus:

☑️ Streamline inventory management

☑️ Many ways to pay

☑️ Better inventory management - Track your available inventory in real time, manage orders and update records after physical inventory count

☑️ Accessible Earning Reports - The best way to manage the funds that are accepted at the register.

☑️ Compare your “cash drawer” with the computer, define the types of payments that can be made and create bank deposit reports

☑️ QUICK FLIP - Easy touch screen integration of grocery PLU codes

☑️ Electronic Signature Capture - Minimize administration and increase convenience

☑️ Modules designed for supermarkets

☑️ Efficient, accurate and easy account management

aumente ingreso

Increase Income

soporte tecnico 24/7

Technical Support 24/7

optimice operaciones

Optimize your operations

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