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Our solutions for pharmacies


☑️ Billing to Medical Plans

☑️ Reconciliation of Health Plans 835

☑️ Graphs and Reports
designed for you

☑️ Inventory Control - Electronic Orders

Prime POS Logo

Point of sale system

☑️ Process payments using cards with the EMV chip, Apple Pay and Android Pay

☑️ Control the security of the functions that each employee can perform

☑️ Ability to generate daily smart reports with company statistics

Prime ESC Logo

Module to obtain the signature electronically

☑️ A single signature for multiple prescriptions

☑️ Provides accurate reports that save time during an audit

☑️ Instantly provide prescription delivery information to technicians or pharmacists

Prime DMS Logo

Document handling system

☑️ Three ways to scan in the workflow

☑️ Batch scans everything and fixes it with different data elements

☑️ It has the ability to batch scan, thus saving time and effort

Prime Delivery

Deliver prescriptions and save the and save the Respective Signatures at the Same Time, Digitally

☑️ Works on the latest portable devices like iPad, iPad Mini, iPhones and Android

☑️ The patient has to sign once for the delivery of multiple prescriptions.

Prime WEB Logo

Safe and Reliable Information Exchange

☑️ Patients

☑️ Pharmacies

☑️ Doctors

☑️ Homes (nursing home / LTC / ALF)

Prime Central Logo

The solution to manage a group of pharmacies

☑️ Allows the owner to operate and manage his business like a chain of pharmacies

☑️ View multiple reports based on individual pharmacy needs or in aggregate

Find My Refills Logo

An Internet portal that allows the patient to create their account and request their repetitions

☑️ The request for repetitions goes directly to the “Refill QUEUE” in PrimeRx

☑️ The patient receives a notification when the request for refills is successfully received by the pharmacy

Our point of sale option for business

Star Plus Logo

Aplicación que ayuda a obtener un mayor control y éxito de su negocio

☑️ Intelligent Box

☑️ Fingerprint Sensor

☑️ Inventory ManagementC

☑️ Integrated Credit & Debit - Processed by Evertec

Star Lite Logo

☑️ Intelligent Box

☑️ Charts and Reports

☑️ Easy and simple to use

☑️ Program for Events (Shoppers)

☑️ Simple handling of checks per employee

☑️ Reduce theft with our security and control

Star Link Logo

Central Office & Complete Chain Solution

☑️ Centralization of stores

☑️ Improve chain efficiency

☑️ Inspect and monitor employees

☑️ Optimize the purchasing power of suppliers

☑️ Real-time reports for greater competitiveness

☑️ Reduce the risk with security in your employees

BG Servicios Farmacia.jpg

We offer other Services such as:

☑️ Training and seminars

☑️ Sale of Toner and thermal paper

☑️ Repair workshop - Equipment backup (servers)

☑️ Sale of equipment (Printer, computer, scanner, servers, batteries, among others)

Increase income and profitability

Minimize dispatch errors

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aumente ingreso

Increase Income

soporte tecnico 24/7

Technical support 24/7

optimice operaciones

Optimize your operations

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